CECAM Awards 2011

Mr. Miguel Caulín López, of the company Mical Industries

The trajectory of Miguel Caulín as an entrepreneur has not been exempt of obstacles and difficulties, especially in its beginnings, since he was 11 years old when he started working as an apprentice upholsterer, Although from childhood the illusion of Miguel Caulín was to be matricero, For which he was formed in the School of Masters that was then in Albacete.

His works until he created the company that today is Industrias Mical were always linked to the die-cutting industry, either in the casting of irons, as in a lamps company, or in a shoe-heel factory.

It was in 1972 when Miguel Caulín founded Industrias Mical, a company dedicated to die-casting and the injection of metals and plastics, a company that has evolved and grown at a dizzying pace, from having a facility in the Campollano Polygon of 600 square meters to 7,000 square meters and another 13,000 more available for future enlargements.

Its client portfolio, not only in the aluminum carpentry field, but also in the cutlery sector, has also grown at the same pace. All this thanks to the effort and sacrifice of his craftsman, Miguel Caulín, an example of an entrepreneur who knows how to deal with the adversities and financial problems of any company, but who strives to carry out his business project. Although still active, Miguel Caulín is already preparing for succession on the part of his children.